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Month: November, 2011

Not Even December Yet…


Twice as many on the other side…and this isn’t even what’s going to come from Santa’s sleigh.


Kingsley Reviews/Spoils Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 1

I had no intentions of seeing this movie…because of this review…I shall eventually.

In Memory of Alzheimer’s

So this is my new blog. My maternal grandmother has Alzheimer’s Disease, my mother seems to be showing signs of the early stages and well, in the event I forget everything, I’m going to immortalize myself on here. It seemed like a good idea to make one of these…allow me to introduce myself:

  • The closest call me Ruby.
  • I have a baby by no one.
  • I am not a millionaire.

When Keeping It Real Goes Awry: Bully Edition

The fact that they drink the lemonade as if nothing ever happened…ha. I guess bullies are just a part of the past.