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National Anthem

I stumbled upon this hot fire 🙂 Enjoy folks.


Jack McBrayer & Triumph Visit The Weiner Circle

This made my day, it’s absolutely hilarious because he’s sweet like me and they’re aggressive like my friends…haha

VA Trip

So I surprised my parents and went home. Instead of writing about it…feel free to watch the video that summarizes everything.

Grandmas, Sex, Kim Kardashian

Grandmas watching the Kim K/Ray J sex tape, I’ve watched this about four times, I will watch it again after I post it. Enjoy.

He Didn’t Know The Words

Fresh Prince, you know these words, haha

Black Girls

I have been a fan of Chester French since the beginning of Chester Frenchdom so I was happy to see when my man, David-Andrew Wallach, is singing a song about our secret relationship(because he doesn’t even know it exist…sigh). I love it, enjoy.

Katy Perry Covers N*ggas In Paris

Just go ahead and watch…

Kingsley Reviews/Spoils Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 1

I had no intentions of seeing this movie…because of this review…I shall eventually.

When Keeping It Real Goes Awry: Bully Edition

The fact that they drink the lemonade as if nothing ever happened…ha. I guess bullies are just a part of the past.