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Cooking With Me!

Step 1: weave bacon, check YouTube to make sure you’re doing it right.
Step 2: be too lazy to go buy breadcrumbs, sift some whole wheat ritz crackers until your sifter looks offended
Step: 3 Mix in your ingredients and speak like Paula Deen
Step 4: realize you almost forgot milk, add it at the last minute, make a loaf, pretend it never happened.
Step 5: add your special sauce. Sing “lettuce cheese pickles onions on a sesame seed bun” repeatedly until finished
Step 6: have an anxiety attack over whether or not your bacon weave will fall apart as you transfer it onto the loaf
Step 7: wait and ponder whether or not you wasted a pack of bacon
Step 8: pretend you don’t live alone. Tell your “roommate” this kitchen won’t clean itself and those dishes won’t clean themselves. Give a side eye and smirk of disapproval, make a bowl of cereal.
I’ve been gone for a while but I had nothing to post about really. Life was neutral which is better because while it isn’t great, it isn’t bad either. But I’ll post about my trip to Mardi Gras soon and man stuff.










Went to Go Feed Him and He was Dead

Had him for ten years, his passing is my fault. I was carrying him pacing around the house not sure what to do with him. It’s beginning to sink in.

I’m sorry.


Took Them Out Of The New Bra

I don’t need those…clearly


Im Not Here For You, Vol 5

My life as a cover girl


New Job

More to come… Excited and nervous. More on that later. Busy with paperwork an background checks and conferences for now.

Busy As A Bee

Just busy, looking into a new career. I love kids but I want to do more than my profession allows me. I wish I could go into more detail but I’m procrastinating as we speak. Missed out on going home for a funeral because I’m so busy… I know that sounds terrible, just know if it were urgent I would have went…and honestly, I’m a bit funeral’d out.

I don’t know about the rest of the world but for me 2011 was a shitty year. Sure I moved half way across the country, but I spent a lot of time traveling 1300+ miles because my family lost four members last year. We lost another in January and one more on the 13th. For the sake of my own mental stability, I just focus on other things.

In the midst of this possible career switch, I am doing research on the company and I hope I get it; I truly believe this will be a kickstart on my life… In other news here’s a list of things I’d like to do this year if things go smoothly.

  • Go to South Padre Island. It doesn’t matter when but there’s no ┬árush just before the year is over.
  • Go to Fright Dome in Vegas… it’s in October and I’ve contacted friends who say they’re interested.
  • Find a roommate
  • Become a social butterfly
  • Learn to have fun again

I need to get back to work though so I shall post again later…

I Know I Said I’ll Be Back…

My grandmother missed me while I was gone so I’m hanging out with her. Here’s a few photos from the holidays[hint: the posts will consists of these and more] to make up for lack of posts.

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I Fly Back to Texas Tonight

I know I haven’t been posting but today is my last day visiting my parents in VA. I have lots of photos and stories to tell. I’ll probably start writing during my two hour layover tonight. See you all then.

Tis the Season










Yesterday we decorated the lawn…well I helped and cut my finger and became useless went back in the house.

Where’d Ruby Come From?

My Nana calls me variations of Ruby… whether it be Ruby Q or Ruby Cube…when all else fells, she just calls me Ruby. If she ever gets my name right it’s because she’s called someone else my name by accident…

  • She is the most important person in my world.
  • I love her none the less.

So if she says my name is Ruby, dammit, it will be Ruby.