WTF is This Paranormal Activity Shit, You Ask?

by Robbie

1988 Kristi and Katie’s grandma made a deal with a demon for wealth/power in exchange of the first male born in their family; mom & step dad die(Paranormal Activity 3). 2005/2006 Kristi has the first born male, Hunter, so the demon comes after the baby to collect; Kristi’s husband is all “Oh hellll nah” and transfers the demon to Katie(Paranormal Activity 2). 2006 Katie, possessed, kills her boyfriend, Micah(Paranormal Activity) , kills Kristi’s husband(Paranormal Activity 2), kills Kristi(Paranormal Activity 2), and kidnaps Hunter(Paranormal Activity 2) and they haven’t been seen or heard from since.

So there you have it; I haven’t seen the 4th one yet but I plan on going tonight if any tickets are available.  I won’t spoil it unless a PA 5 comes out next year and I’ll continue this.

As far as “Scare” goes, they are scary if you’re really focused on the screen and then sudden shit goes down; the images may stay with you for a while…other than that, they’re pretty decent films. I’ve also posted this on my (more active blog) tumblr…