by Robbie

I’ve been taking advantage of becoming a southwesterner and eating all of their food. In the midst of that, I’ve gotten fat. Not Sherman Klump fat but for my height, let’s just say the bitch ass Wii fit thinks I’m OBESE. So I’ve started working out today which is bad since I work 96 hour shifts starting tonight. So once I’m off again, I’ll be doing Ballet Conditioning twice a day…I’m not as flexible as I used to be and at my age that’s pathetic.

I really want to go to the Made In America Festival and my current issues are

  • Finding a friend that wants to go
  • Acquiring more friends that aren’t always broke(tough but true)
  • Getting my arms toned again. (They were falling off during ballet conditioning, ironically, everything else on my body felt fine.
  • Getting my sexy back. The only thing that should bounce are the twins NOT the digestive system

Yeah, here’s to Operation Body Back