In the Waiting Room…

by Robbie

Taking my grandmother to the doctor…as I sit here in the waiting room, I’ve set up a connection with my android device whom I’ve named Cornelius and wonder why I let myself leave the house without pressing my hair. I look like Blanka in North Face and a head band.


I have nothing new to report really besides I’ve decided to teach myself JAVA because it seems to be something I should master. Actually I told my IT major friend I was going to teach myself C++ and he said JAVA was more lucrative. I found some book on Google called “Teach Yourself JAVA in 21 Days” so we’ll see how that goes.

My parents are looking to move once again; they’ve only been in the current home for three years but after the passing of my Uncle, it’s just been hard. The church he was buried at is located on the end of the road and it isn’t something my dad wants to drive by everyday. They’ve looked at one house in town and they’ve fallen in love; my mom loves the wrap around porch and my dad loves the hot tub. They’ve talked to the lawyers and what not but the earliest they can move in is January 1st. They wanted to move in earlier to celebrate Christmas in the new home. I’m supposed to fly in [mind you I haven’t even purchased a plane ticket yet] around the 22nd and I don’t know if I’m going to stay for my birthday or not. I wanted to celebrate my birthday at Cinebistro but if I’m back at home with them my younger sibling is only 18. You have to be 21 to walk into Cinebistro. She’s always been a blocker. The nerve of here deciding to wait for years before she makes it to the egg and fertilizes.

Still sitting here…doctor hasn’t seen Nana yet…